Scientific co-operation

The major impact expected from of INDO-MARECLIM is the facilitation of the research infrastructure for enhanced scientific co-operation between Indian and European (here and below = EU Member states and Associated countries) research institutions within scientific areas of mutual interest. During the 3 year tenure of the INDO-MARECLIM project, working through the 5 work packages, and by way of sharing the state of the art technology in Europe and in India, the project will lead to the advancement of the scientific understanding and the capability for prediction of processes and phenomenon related to the upwelling, monsoon, marine living resources and its resultant socio-economic impact to the Indian society.

Scientific network involving European and Indian institutions and forming of new consortia

WPs 5 and 6 provide a channel to invite new partners outside the consortium. The completion of the research part listed in the project would help in identifying lacunae and innovative ways to deal with the obtained results. This would invariably need the involvement of more partners for further studies. Each member of the consortium could give in their contributions regarding other experts in the concerned fields of research. This would lead to formation of new agreements and new consortia to work on their areas of interest.

Improvement in the scientific knowledge on the Indian marine ecosystem

WP 2 would yield results that would give a better knowledge and modelling capacity of the upwelling related impacts on the Indian marine ecosystem and climate. WP 3, by way of seminars, workshops and publications would extensively disseminate the knowledge acquired to the scientific community. The major impact of this WP and the summer school (WP4) would be on the student community who would gain information on the latest advances and developments in the area.