Presentations of Marine Primary Productivity Workshop-2013.

Aneesh Lotliker SATellite Coastal and Oceanographic Research (SATCORE) pdflogo
Anil Kumar Vijayan Primary Production & Remote sensing – from the perspective of maximum quantum yield of photosynthesis pdflogo
Anil Kumar, N & Haridevi. C. K Collaboration program between National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) &National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) pdflogo
Anna Hickman Modelling primary production and the need for datapdflogo
Annette Samuelsen Intercomparison between modelled and satellite based primary production in the North Atlantic and Arctic pdflogo
García-Martín E.E. Applying new O2 sensors to estimate plankton metabolism: Advantages and disadvantages compared to the standard light/dark incubation method pdflogo
Grinson George Fishery resources and the dynamic chlorophyll field in the coastal waters of India pdflogo
Grinson George & L. Ranjith Fisheries potential in the exclusive economic zone of India- estimation procedures vis-à-vis veracities pdflogo
Gupta, G.V.M Biogeochemistry of estuarine and coastal regions of the southeastern Arabian Sea pdflogo
Heather Bouman Community Structure and Primary Production pdflogo
Iva Talaber Photosynthetic parameters and primary production in a shallow temperate coastal areapdflogo
Lasse H Pettersson INDO-MARECLIM – an introductionpdflogo
López-Sandoval, D.C The importance of dissolved primary production in contrasting ecosystems and its relation with cell size and taxonomic affiliationpdflogo
Madhusoodana Kurup. B Biofloc technology–the futuristic technology for improving the Ecological & economic sustainability of shrimp farming and Prawn seed production pdflogo
Manjira Roy Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Chlorophyll Pigment Concentration in the Arabian Sea Arabian Sea –An Analysis Using GIS pdflogo
Menon, N. R The Indian seas – an ecological overview pdflogo
Mini Raman Estimation of Euphotic Zone Primary Production from Indian Ocean Colour Satellites pdflogo
Mira Morovic Remote sensing data and products versus in-situ data in the Middle Adriatic Sea pdflogo
Mohamed Hatha, A. A Occurrence of Diatom-Diazotrophic cyanobacterial Association (DDA) during Trichodesmium bloom in the South Eastern Arabian Sea (SEAS): An Addendum to Nitrogen Budgetpdflogo
Rao, K. H Ocean Colour Data products and Applications pdflogo
Sanilkumar. M. G Microalgae along the Southwest coast of Indiapdflogo
Sanjeevan, V. N Revalidation of MSY estimate for Indian EEZ – A trophodynamic approach pdflogo
Sarma, V. V. S. S Monsoonal forcing and Biogeochemistry of Indian Ocean pdflogo
Séverine Fournier Spatio-temporal Coherence between Spaceborne Measurements of Salinity and Light Absorption in the Amazon Plume Region pdflogo
Shubha Sathyendranath and Trevor Platt Bio-optical controls on primary production pdflogo
Sreenivasan, R Investigations on phytoplankton ecology and chlorophyll ‘a’ concentration in the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, India pdflogo
Trevor Platt & N.R. Menon Introduction to the primary production workshop pdflogo
Trevor Platt & Shubha Sathyendranath Estimation of Marine Primary Production at Regional Scales pdflogo
Vijay Kumar Predicting the seasonal variability of Plankton and Marine fish using a coupled Physico-Biological modelpdflogo
Zarko Kovac Different mathematical formalisms for vertical structure of primary production models and relation to light forcingpdflogo
Group Discussions and Outcome pdflogo