Presentations of India-EU workshop II: Monsoon and ocean variability, climate change and sea level variations - 11th to 13th Nov. 2013

Dr. Yongqi Gao Role of External forcings in modulating the Indian summer monsoon rainfall & the Arctic Oscillation & their relationship on interdecadal time scale pdflogo
Dr. Takeshi Izumo Role of Indian Ocean circulations in monsoon intra-annual variabilitypdflogo
Prof. P.V. Joseph Rapid warming of Indian Ocean and teleconnections with tropospheric jet streamspdflogo
Retish Senan Influence of spring time snow over the Himalayan Tibetan Plateau on the onset and early evolution of Indian Summer Monsoonpdflogo
Silje Sorland Monsoon low-pressure systems over India: A climatology study and high resolution climate sensitivity simulationspdflogo
Umesh Singh Simulation skill of APCC set of GCM for Asian summer monsoon variabilitypdflogo
Dr. R. Krishnan Monsoon & Indian Ocean coupled interactions in a warming environmentpdflogo
Dr. Annalisa Cherchi Indian Ocean, Indian summer monsoon and Teleconnectionspdflogo
Dr. Suryachandra Rao Indian Ocean Warming & its impact on Indian monsoon variability pdflogo
Dr. P. N. Vinayachandran Impact of river run off on the Indian Oceanpdflogo
Balaguru Balaiah Seasonal Variability of eddy kinetic energy inferred from satellite altimeter datapdflogo
Ellen Viste Moisture transport into the Indian monsoon regions using the Lagrangian trajectory model FLEXPARTpdflogo
Lea Svendsen Atlantic multi-decadal variability and the connection to ISMR pdflogo
Preenu P.N Role of El-Nino La-Nina and Asian summer monsoon on global warmingpdflogo
Sabeerali Modulation on monsoon intra-seasonal oscillations in the context of recent Indian Ocean Warmingpdflogo
Satyaban Bishoyi Ratna Indian Ocean warming and its finger print in the atmospherepdflogo
Prof. Ola M. Johannessen Sea level and future potential impact from the Greenland ice sheet pdflogo
Dr. Jan Even Nilsen Reconstructing sea level variability along a coast- Contributions from ocean and atmospherepdflogo
Dr. M K Roxy Interaction between the Indian Ocean and the Atmosphere during the summer monsoon season pdflogo
Dr. A.S. Unnikrishnan Extreme sea level changespdflogo
Clément de Boyer Montégut Arabian Sea during summer monsoon : Somali Upwelling and Barrier Layer events pdflogo
M.P Subeesh Observed tidal currents on the continental shelf off the west-coast of India pdflogo
Charls Antony Observed characteristics of tide-surge interaction along the east coast of India and the head of Bay of Bengalpdflogo