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The spreading of excellence, exploiting results and dissemination of knowledge from INDO-MARECLIM will be done by the following measures

Internal dissemination among the project partners:

  • Exchange of scientists and students through visits to NERCI
  • Summer schools for students and young scientists with internationally acknowledged scientists as lecturers
  • Workshops and seminars with Indo-European participation
  • Generation and dissemination of information material about INDO-MARECLIM, including use of new social media.
  • Web-dissemination of project results, including methodology, scientific results and popular science information.
  • Training and education material

External dissemination

INDO-MARECLIM will make dedicated efforts to disseminate results to other scientists in Europe and India. This will be part of the process of building cooperation with new partners and extend the research topics for cooperation. Through summer schools, workshops, seminars and conferences, the project will exchange knowledge between scientists and students beyond the project. The project will thereby strengthen and widen the scientific transfer activities within the EU, India and other countries.

Throughout the project, publications, both in scientific literature and in public media, the involved institutions in Europe and India will help to reach out to scientific and to general public. Public participation in the discussion of the project outcome will be encouraged via the project web site. Furthermore, the coordinator and most of the partners are directly involved in academic teaching and education on professional level. Through these links project results will be communicated in the teaching of environmental protection curricula for domestic students and in international graduate degree courses for a variety of students from all over the world.

The INDO-MARECLIM dissemination activities will include;

  • A public project web site where all major results will be published, including training and education material
  • Press releases and press conferences to present project milestones and key results
  • Presentations at scientific, stakeholders and policy conferences and networks.
  • Publications of results in peer-review academic journals.
  • Production of multi-language project brochure and newsletters.
  • Information for users, stakeholders and policy makers
  • Presentation of the project results and conclusions at dedicated EU-India conferences and workshops


The results of the projects will be disseminated to a wide range of users and stakeholders in Europe and India. In Europe, the European Environment Agency is a key user of environmental and climate information. In addition, project results will be disseminated to users representing governmental agencies, research institutions, industry, NGOs, educational institutions, media and the public at large.

Media communication

At the different stages of work, the project participants are encouraged to write newspaper articles, short notes on the accomplished and/or ongoing tasks of the project in relevant forums. The participants are also expected to disseminate the information in their personal capacity, for example, through the interviews in radio, television and newspapers. Dissemination of information as well as fore-warnings could be done through new social e-media like internet blogs and mobile app´s services, group message alerts etc. The information of the project will also be covered in the Annual Reports or other publications by the partner institutions.

Communication technology

During the project, and beyond, information technologies will be applied to provide up-to-date information on the progress of the project, intermediate results and other data on a project website. Users and the public will have easy access to the relevant project findings and will be able to actively participate in discussion forums.