Laboratory infrastructure

NERCI will set up a marine water samples analysis laboratory and maintain it to make efficient use of the below suggested oceanographic instrumentation to be used during INDO-MARECLIM. This is an important facility in opening up the research co-operation of INDO-MARECLIM partners to other EU and associated countries, as well as other countries in southern Asia. The instruments that equip the laboratory are Radiometer, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Microscope, Water sampler/Mini CTD.

Computer server and software infrastructure

NERCI will be installing a computer server and software infrastructure in order to accommodate visiting scientists, post-docs and students. The data-server will allow the consortium partners to port their numerical ocean models and ecosystem models for the benefit of user community.

Project Staff

Prof. (Dr.) N.R. Menon

is presently the leading scientist, Chairman of the Scientific Research advisory board and one of the Board Directors of NERCI. He is also an Emeritus Professor at School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India. His field of expertise is in Taxonomy and Ecology of Marine Foulers; Marine Biodeterioration; Marine Pollution Monitoring; Toxicology Biodiversity and coastal zone management. He has worked in various scientific capacities at different institutes for more than forty years now. He has more than 150 scientific publications. He has worked as a senior scientist in International Indian Ocean Expedition. He was involved in the investigation on the distribution of the Toxic Algal Blooms along the EEZ of India and the distribution of micro and macro benthos along the EEZ of India involving planning the experiments, deployment of suitable scientific personnel, analyses and interpretation of data. He was the main coordinator of the Netherlands MHO programme implemented at Cochin University of Science and Technology from 1999. He was the Principal investigator and Co-ordinator for two multi-institutional projects of the Marine Living Resources Programme sponsored by the Department of Ocean Development, Govt. of India (MLR-DOD). He has worked as Member of National Research Advisory Committee for the MLR- DOD Programme and many other national programmes. Dr. Menon is the project coordinatorof INDO-MARECLIM, he is also leading WP2 and particularly for WP2.2 and 2.3, as well as WP6 opening INDO-MARECLIM institutional arrangements to additional partners.

Prof. P.V. Joseph

was for thirty-two years part of the India Meteorological Department, working in Geomagnetism, and in the operational jobs of Weather Prediction, Aviation Meteorology and Cyclone Warning. Served as Director of the Meteorological Training School of IMD at Pune where he taught tropical meteorology and weather prediction at advanced levels. After retiring from IMD in 1989 he took up various assignments in USA and India. Currently Dr. Joseph is Associate Scientist and Group Head at the Monsoon, Ocean variability and Climate change studies at Nansen Environmental Research Centre - India and also Professor Emeritus at the Department of atmospheric science, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin. Dr. Joseph has done original research for five decades in Tropical Meteorology (Monsoons, Cyclones and Thunderstorms), Climate Change and Ocean-Atmosphere interaction. He has about 60 research publications in reputed Scientific Journals on these subjects. Dr. Joseph is the team leader in WP2.1 for the studies of Monsoon and ocean variability, Climate change and sea level variations. He would be a major resource person for the summer school (WP4). His reputation as a renowned monsoon meteorologist would help in building network (WP3) and develop new project proposals (WP5).

Dr. K. Ajith Joseph

Doctorate in Physical Oceanography from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India in 1998. He joined Nansen Environmental Research Centre - India as Scientist in 2000. Presently the Director of NERCI after his tenure as Research Director in 2007 for two years. He has more than fourteen years of research and ten years of project management experience with CUSAT and NERCI through various projects. He is also an Associate scientist at NERSC (Participant 2). He is a member of the doctoral committee of Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai. He has headed projects funded by UNEP-APFED and SAC, ISRO in his capacity as PI and Co-PI. He was the Indian coordinator for the Indo-Russian workshop on Regional Climate Change held at Cochin in October, 8-9,2009 under the DST-RFBR 2009 Call and the Nansen International Summer School held in India from Feb 6-12, 2010. Dr. Ajith is the Project manager (supporting the project co-ordinator) for the INDO-MARECLIM under WP1 as well as the team leader in WP3 to strengthen the INDO-MARECLIM partnership and building network of cooperation between Europe and India and also work in WP2.2. He is the co-leader in WP5 for Development of joint Indo-European research project proposals.

Dr. N. Nandini Menon

Doctorate in Marine Biology from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India. She joined NERCI as Senior Scientist in 2009 and has fourteen years of post doctoral research experience and thirteen years of teaching experience. Had been working in CUSAT as Ad-hoc lecturer / Research Associate in projects funded by various national agencies like MoEF, DBT, CSIR, DST and MoES before joining NERCI.Also working as Guest faculty for M. Tech programme in Marine Biotechnology of CUSAT and M. Phil programme of Dept. of Chemical Oceanography of CUSAT.Has implemented independent project as PI under the DST –SERC young scientist scheme in CUSAT. Was the Organising secretary of the Indo-Russian workshop on Regional Climate Change held at Cochin in 8-9th October, 2009 under the DST-RFBR 2009 Call and also for the Nansen International winter school held at Cochin, India from February 6-12, 2010. Dr. N. N. Menon is the team leader for WP4 and co-leader of WP2.2. She would involve in the marine optical and primary productivity studies.

Dr. Bindu G

Doctorate in Meteorology from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India in 1998. She joined NERCI as Project Scientist in 2012. She has fourteen years of post doctoral research and teaching experience. She had worked as Assistant Professor in Arbaminch University, Ethiopia. She was also coordinator for MPhill Environmental Sciences in SB College and also worked as Guest faculty in CUSAT & MG University. She has implemented independent projects in CUSAT, funded by various national agencies like CSIR & DST and also has worked in different projects funded by MoEF & USAID in CUSAT, NEERI & KSSP before joining NERCI. She is an Environmetal Consultant for different Consultancies like ENTEC, KITCO & ENVIROTECH.

Dr. Syam Sankar

Doctorate in Marine Sciences From Goa University, Goa. He joined Nansen Environmental Research Centre – India in 2012 as a Project Scientist. Had been working at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) as a Project Scientist before joining NERCI. He has completed his doctoral thesis titled "Annual and interannual variability of air-sea interaction processes over Indian Ocean in relation to monsoon activity in the Indian Subcontinent" at the Physical Oceanography Division of National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa. He has sufficient experience in studying the air-sea interaction processes over the Indian Ocean and their impacts on the Indian subcontinent during the monsoon season. He also has experience in implementing the NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) on the IBM HPC at NCMRWF.

Dr. Abish B

Doctorate in Atmospheric Science from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT). His doctoral thesis is about the role of aerosols in modulating cloud properties over the north Indian region using satellite data. The outcome of his research advances knowledge on the aerosol-cloud interactions and its influence on the atmospheric circulations which is a least explored facet over the location. His MTech dissertation was done at Space Physics Laboratory, (VSSC, Trivandrum). From there he was entrusted to associate with a major land campaign organized by ISRO where reputed research institutes from the country participated. He has also worked in several projects in Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS, Trivandrum) and National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL, Bangalore). From these organizations, he has gained expertise in using various scientific instruments for atmospheric studies and in high performing computing (HPC) facilities.

A. Smitha

Post graduate in Meteorology from Cochin University of Science and Technology. She has worked as Senior Research Fellow in the Oceanography Division of National Remote Sensing Centre (ISRO), Hyderabad, before joining NERCI in 2010 as a research fellow in the Oceansat II data utilization project funded by SAC-ISRO. Concurrent to her project work, she is also pursuing her PhD degree on the topic "The influence of wind on surface chlorophyll distribution in Bay of Bengal" at CUSAT. She has more than 7yrs of research experience in satellite data processing, ocean colour studies and, estimation of primary productivity using bio-optical algorithms.

Sachin Pavithran A.P

He had done his BSc-Botany from Govt Arts & Science College Calicut and later pursue his Masters degree in Business Economics(MBE) and MPhil in Appled Economics from Cochin University Of Science & Technology.He had involved in a project of Planning Commission of India entitled "Evaluation of ITI, ITC & ATS scheme 2010-2011 under Nodal Centre for Kerala CUSAT.He also involved in various projects of CRDAT & CSSEIPtwo prominent centres of CUSAT. He also had an academic experience of working as a Guest Lecturer (Industrial management & Economics)at Govt Engg College Idukki.